CoA Visits Downtown Toronto

Join CoA on November 25th at 9:30PM at Toronto’s Linsmore Tavern.  CoA will be performing for 1 night only so don’t miss this opportunity to see them live in Toronto.

The Linsmore Tavern is located at 1298 Danforth Avenue East.  Come early and don’t miss the show!  $5 cover charge applies.

Linsmore Tavern poster.jpg


CoA on Friday The 13th

Get ready for the Halloween season with CoA at Moguls Bar & Grill in Collingwood on Friday October 13th!   What better night to get lucky on a night out that Friday the 13th before the haunted holiday!

There’ll be lots of food and drinks not to mention a night of the best classic rock you’ve heard in a long time so don’t miss out.  CoA takes the stage at 10:00 and plays until 2:00AM.  You’ll find Mogul’s at 23 Simcoe Street in Collingwood.

friday october the 13th COA copy